Our Eco-Natural™ Wool bedding and pillows are your first line of defense against allergens such as dust mites and mildew. The experts at WebMD list our products in conjunction with the best information to help you put your allergies to rest. Discover the purity of Eco-Natural™ Wool!

Eco-Natural™ pure wool is sorted and washed with mild organic soaps (no dyes, harsh chemicals, synthetic detergents or chlorine bleach). The fibers are then put through a chemical-free carding machine. In addition, all our cotton fabric is grown and milled in the USA.

Did you know that Wool is...

  • Naturally organic and pure
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic
  • Naturally induces relaxation (lowers heart rate)
  • Naturally insulates
  • Naturally flame resistant
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite, mildew, mold and water
  • Naturally lightweight
  • Naturally comforts pain sufferers
  • Naturally maintains an optimal body temperature
  • Naturally does not sacrifice the life of an animal
  • Naturally is appropriate for all climates

A close-up look at a single fiber of wool looks like a hair covered with scales, like the shingles on a house. Millions of cells make up the scales and are covered with a thin "skin" that is finely porous. This porosity allows vapors to penetrate, but at the same time is resistant to water droplets. The end result is a natural material that is capable of evaporating body moisture for healthy, dry and comfortable warmth.